Best Android Blogging Apps Every Blogger Must Have

Blogging has always been about expressing yourself and sharing what you know on the Internet. Android as an operating system is growing fast thanks to its availability on a wide range of smartphones and tablet devices as well as the fast growing number of applications that are available in Google Play.

With the number of blogging apps on the Android Marketplace, it’s difficult to choose which ones you should go with. To help narrow your options, we present our top picks for the 6 best blogging apps for Android phones and tablets.

Buffer : Social Media , Twitter

Buffer is designed to facilitate the use of social media. Different social media accounts can be accessed and managed via intuitive interface of Buffer.


Simple note is an android app intended to store and manage notes on the go. Ideas flash in mind and goes off. It is not practice to remember them all or putting them in a sequence.  It helps not only to store notes but to share as well. We can easily synchronize these notes with other devices as well.


You can store here the articles of your interest and read them later even offline. It also stores the associated photos and videos as well.

Article Rewriter 

It is a very comfortable app to re-write articles. It takes existing content and write with alternative words. It might seem a bit contradictory that we are encouraging article spinning. But no, It’s not that way. Use this app to generate ideas and to enrich your vocabulary.

Squarespace Blog

It was never so easy to make new posts, edit and manage current posts. Its extended capability makes it easy to work with when it comes to arranging photos and videos.


Blogaway is an app to manage comments made by others on your posts. Blogaway brings all of your threads to one just one spot. You can approve, suspend, delete or can perform any task regarding comments on your blog.

Google Analytics

This is a wonderful tool to track the number of visitors or traffic falling on your blog every day. Easy to understand navigation, real time statistics and graphical representation makes it easy to understand traffic behavior and planning accordingly ahead.

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