DELL PowerEdge R710 Restarting while Accessing System Services


To install operating system in my old Dell PowerEdge R710, i tried to access System Services by pressing F10 during the POST. but its loading too slow and showing like below screen ” Entering System Services.. Starting Unified Server Configurator” appearing and it Restarting.


Performing a USC repair is a great first start.  If it fails the first time, then I would suggest performing a general reseat of internal components and removing any expansion cards, or external devices that may have been added to the server.

Once the reseat, and removal of any additional hardware is done, then perform the repair a second or third time.

Performing a USC Repair

1 Go to and download the file named “Unified Server

Configurator – Lifecycle Controller Enabled Repair Package” to a

temporary location.

2 Connect to iDRAC on your system using the iDRAC Web interface.

For more information on iDRAC, see the User Guide for your system’s

iDRAC device.

3 From the iDRAC Web interface, click Remote Access.

4 Select iDRAC.

5 Select the Update tab, and then browse to the USC Repair Package you

downloaded from

6 Click Next, and then click OK to confirm the upload.

Allow the process to complete before you continue to step 7.

52 USC Repair

7 Reboot your system, and then press the <F10> key to enter USC.

8 Complete the installation of all recommended updates. See “Updating the

Platform” for more information.

When updates are complete, your system automatically reboots.

9 While the system reboots, press the <F10> key again to enter USC.

If a warning message appears on the initial USC screen, you must repeat

step 8 until the server is in a fully-recovered state.

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