How to Use the Infinite Number of Email Addresses Gmail Gives You

If you have a Gmail address, you technically have just that address, but with a few tweaks, you can turn it into dozens of variations for signup various to websites, all without actually making new Gmail accounts.

When you set up a this trick as described below, you’re making your address look different with some characters . What happens is that any website that has your email on file will think that is different from shahir.kb2@gmail, and that both are still different from

1. Add a Dot Anywhere

Gmail ignores addresses that have dot, so put a dot anywhere in your email and Gmail will pretend it doesn’t exist. Any website you sign up for, though, will think that your dotted email is different than you nondotted one, which means you can sign up for multiple accounts on the same website without needing multiple email accounts.

Below are some examples, and keep in mind that each address is the exact same, so you could send mail to all of these and they’d reach the same Inbox.

2.Add a + after username

Another way to but a syntax tweak, is to add a + sign at the end of the username (before the @). Doing this lets you add other words to your address, so it can actually look quite different.

Here are a few examples that expand on the email address ““:

So, why would you want to add a plus sign to your Gmail account?

For example, if you sign up facebook with, you start getting notification emails to without create any other email address, and gmail provide very effective service to filtering , so that you can filter all emails to from your original account.

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