Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch Command Line Interface


Alcatel-Lucent Omniswitchs can operate in two modes: Working and Certified

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In working mode, the configuration can be modified, while it is no possible in certified mode. When booting, if working and certified configuration files are different, the switch will boot in certified mode. Configuration files are stored in certifed/boot.cfg and working/boot.cfg

save running -> working: write memory
save working -> certified: copy working certified [flash-synchro], flash-synchro will synchronize the conf accross all slots
save running even in certified mode: configuration snapshot all <file> Then move this file to working/boot.cfg
reboot in working mode without rollback: reload working no rollback-timeout
view running configuration: show configuration snapshot [all|vlan|ip|...] or write terminal

Configure VLANs

A layer 2 VLAN is created with vlan <vlan_number> enable name “vlan name” and removed with no vlan <vlan_number>. show vlan lists all VLANs, show vlan <vlan_number> shows vlan <vlan_number> details.

Depending on the microcode version (show microcode), a layer 3 VLAN is created using:

  • ip interface "interface name" vlan <vlan_number> address <address> mask <netmask>
  • vlan router "interface name" vlan <vlan_number> address <address> mask <netmask>

and destroyed with:

  • no ip interface "interface name"
  • no vlan router "interface name"

Port association:

To associate a port to a specific vlan: vlan <vlan_number> port default <slot>/<port>
To list the ports: show vlan port
To list the ports of a specified vlan: show vlan <vlan_number> port
To show a port: show vlan port <slot>/<port>
To tag a port: vlan <vlan_number> 802.1Q <slot>/<port> [<“comment”>]
To remove a tag: vlan <vlan_number> no 802.1Q <slot>/<port>


Global status: Show interfaces status
Info about an interface (admin status, MAC, speed, duplex, errors, …): show interfaces [port|status|<slot>/<port>|…]
Summary of interfaces errors: show interfaces counters errors
To clear counters: interfaces <slot>[/port1-port2] no l2 statistics
To change an interface: interface <slot>/<port> [speed <10_100_1000>|duplex <half_full>|autoneg <state>|flood rate <rate>]
To switch from autonegociation to 100FD, set

  • autoneg off
  • speed 100 and duplex full

If forced in 100FD while autoneg is on, the port will stay down
To disable an interface: interface <slot>/<port> admin down


Get info about the chassis: show chassis and about the stack: show stack topology

To monitor the health of the system: show health all (cpu|memory)

Show CMM (Control Management Module – Alcatel ) information: show cmm


Uptime, date, name, contact, location: show system
To change:

  • system name <"name">
  • system contact <"contact">
  • system location <"location">


Set a server: ntp server <server_ip>. Even if the DNS is configured, you cannot specify a name for the NTP server. Then activate NTP: ntp client enable.
Get NTP info:

  • show ntp client: tells if NTP is on or off, when was the last updated, …
  • show ntp server-list: get the list of servers and with which server the swich is synchronized


Show logging conf: show swlog
Get switch logs:

show log swlog: get all logs
show log swlog timestamp <mounth/day/year> <hour:minute>: only logs since the specified hour
empty logs: swlog clear


  • Name servers: ip name-server <IP1> <IP2>
  • Domain name: ip domain-name <domain-name>
  • Activate DNS client: ip domain-lookup

DHCP relay

ip service udp-relay
DHCP relay only for specified vlans: ip helper per-vlan only
DHCP server address: ip helper address <dhcp_server> vlan <vlan_number>
Enable DHCP relay: ip udp relay BOOTP


Activate/deactivate services: [no] ip service (ftp|ssh|telnet|http|secure-http|udp-relay|snmp|all). List of activated services: show ip service.
For https: ip http ssl


ARP table: show arp
Mac Address table: show mac-address-table
Add a static MAC/IP entry: arp <IP> <MAC>, no arp <IP> to remove it.
Clear dynamic arp entries: clear arp-table
To specify when an dynamic entry timeouts (default: 300seconds): mac-address-table aging-time <seconds> [vlan <vlan_number>]


Port mirroring works 12 ports by 12 ports. It is possible to configure multiple sources for one session and thus see the traffic of multiple ports in one output.

  • show port mirroring status
  • port mirroring <session> source <slot>/<port> destination <slot>/<port> enable
  • no port mirroring <session>


By default, the POE is disabled on all ports.
To enable the POE on a given port: lanpower start <slot>/<port>
To enable it on the whole slot: lanpower start <slot>

To stop the POE, use the symmetric commande lanpower stop (<slot>/<port>|<slot>)

Show the POE configuration: show lanpower <slot>

To limit the power available for a given port: lanpower <slot>/<port> power <milliwatts>
To limit the power available for a slot: lanpower <slot> maxpower <watts>


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